Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We're all racist in some aspect...What are we going to do about it?

I think this class has taught us that we are all racist in some aspect, but the real issue is to not accept this and move on and continue to live our lives and do nothing about it. We have learned different philosophical arguments about race and we have torn them apart and considered how they are true in our society. I want to thank the class for helping me to realize my racist tendencies and for being open enough to allow critical discussion to go on in our class without anyone taking offense to other thoughts about race that are solely based on individual experience.

I want to challenge everyone in the class to not just take everything that we have read, discussed, and blogged about since January and forget it. I challenge everyone to take a stand and make a promise to continue to fight the little racist that has been planted inside of us because of society, experience, or what ever the reason may be. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Now that I will be graduating, I think this class was the most appropriate class to take before I left Rhodes because it actually allowed me to participate in a rigorous thought process about myself and others. I wish everyone success in their future endeavors. Be Blessed.


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