Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In the end...

To think that we spent five months reversing the illogical assumptions that society forced us to believe in shows just how engrained the concept of race truly is. It was refreshing to learn that race is not truly "real." However, I'm confused why this is not better made known. You would think that those fighting for civil rights would advertise that race is not a scientifically backed idea; it is simply a group of assumptions made by elitist, white philosophers.

I think my favorite essay was part one of Charles Mills' book. I enjoyed his explanation of white vs. black philosophies. The thing I will never forget is the part where he explains that those who are less oppressed have the freedom to question their existence while those who are oppressed feel the weight of their existence every day. I always thought that questioning one's existence was a hard thing to do, but I now realize that it is a luxury to disconnect yourself from this world.

I hope that I can share the things I learned in this class with other people. I am still confused on some things, and I hope to clarify my questions in my years at Rhodes. I hope that I will be strong enough to personally combat racism.

I was really intimidated the first couple of weeks in the class, but everyone was really nice and I learned a lot from the other people in the class. I have never taken a class like this one, but I really enjoyed the honest atmosphere.

I wish everyone the best in whatever they choose to do. Thanks for a good class.

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