Tuesday, May 3, 2011


As we come to a close of the class, I want to say that I appreciate being able to openly share and listen in on ideas concerning race with people outside of my race. Being immersed in racial discussions with students outside my own provided and even clearer view on how we view one another as opposed to the more biased and close-minded discussions that a group has amongst one another. Even though we needed to be immersed in he different philosophers who attempted to tackle race issues, I would have liked to read more on real life examples of racial issues, modern until present, because I think it the presents more vivid images concerning the dynamics of racial concepts. I didn't really begin to see that until the second half of the course while reading Mills. I was able to engage in discussions more than I had previously when simply going over different philosophers and their ideologies.

I also appreciate the fact that, as a class, we could discuss race with altercations considering that race is a very touchy subject for all in some aspect. It shows the level of maturity that the class has provided in shaping our ideas about race. Although one race may not relate or agree with another, that does not mean that there is no level of understanding. And that is what I think I have gained more from this class, is not necessarily sympathy, but a deeper level of understanding for different races and the skills needed to approach different race in real life experiences.

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